India squandering a chance to lead on global stage. Why ?

One reason: Mr. S. Jaishankar.

In a very calm, composed manners, delivering zingers; a good fodder for local population, all Mr. Jaishakar is doing is taking India back to the path of 60s/70s, where she would argue for Non-Alignment-Movement while still committing to Russian camp.

Let us assume, Mr. Modi issued something like this early on:

India categorically denounces this unprovoked aggression on sovereign nation by Russia. I will talk to my good friend Mr. Putin and will explore ways to solve this crisis diplomatically.

What would Russia have done: severe ties with India or threaten to stop arms supplies?! The panic and scare in Indian think-tank are laughable. Countries are doing much more than to simply criticizing Russia, while still trying to mediate. #Turkey, #Isreal.

Since last 2 decades, India is asking to be counted as superpower and asking for UNSC permanent seat. A crucial ingredient for that stature is leadership, which India demonstratively and deliberately is missing.

India is in a unique position to lead resolve this crisis, for the same reason she thinks she can’t, aka leverage over Russia. Another country that has more leverage than India is China, but a weakened Russia helps China more than it hurts. Plus, China isn’t at its best relationship with the western world anyways. India on the other hand is being courted by almost every country in 3 continents of western world.

So why she is squandering such a golden opportunity bringing peace to the world, something that is deep rooted in its culture, history, and heritage?

Guess the courage that #MEA (Ministry of External affairs, India) and more specifically person at its helm, Mr. Jaishankar needs is missing; so much for choosing an IFS officer over a politician.

It’s time for him to go!! Mr. Modi might be better off looking outside his party, like Mr. Shashi Tharoor; a person with courage and audacity for this job. It should be #CountryOverParty.



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