A Year On: Did the Panels live up to its expectations?

The System

First, a little bit about the system: It’s a 5.59 KW DC system leased for 20 years from Solar City for a net upfront cost of $6321. The installer promised no more cost for next 20 years to come as far as maintenance etc for the panels are concerned and guarantees energy generation up-to 90% of its claim on the annual basis with 1% decrements yearly on the guaranteed kWh as the panels age.

  • Panels: 26 Kyocera (#KD215GX-LPU) panels of 215 Watt each
  • Inverter: 1 inverter Sunny Boy 5000-US
  • mounting system: Solarcity Canopy -C 6"
  • 20 years lease upfront cost with no monthly fee:
  • paid upfront: $6321
  • Might get county property tax rebate of $3160 (about 5 year wait)

The Expectation

Below are the snapshot of our yearly electric consumption just before the panels were installed:

The Reality

So did the system produce what it was designed for ?

The Dollars

Now what does this 7027 kWh of electricity generated translates into, in terms of Dollar ? How much money it actually saved and what’s our payback period ?

The Dilemma

The dilemma comes from the observation then that our bill still didn’t just go away. After all, the system generated over 7000 kWh of electricity whereas we were consuming less than 6000 kWh yearly.

The Conclusion

So again, did our bill just vanish ? Not yet. Did it reduce it, yes, it did by about $45 ($68 vs $23). Did we consume the same energy as the year before ? I wish but in fact we consumed about 42% (5898 vs 8403 kWh) more electricity, still paying $45/monthly less.



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Indu Das

Indu Das

EV and GreenTech enthusiast and Do-It-Yourselfer Dad with CyberSecurity as profession, old home: indudas.blogspot.com.